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Nancy Kreiner
Spring Grove, Pa.

"Success using Zonix Biofungicide™ to control black rot on grapes. 

My experience with Zonix Biofungicide™ has been nothing but wonderful! To my great dismay during a particularly damp and wet spring..."



Turf is the backdrop with which the landscape is judged. Imperfections are distractions. Diseases develop quickly but linger, interfering from the visual appeal.

Our crop protection product, Zonix Biofungicide™, a contact biofungicide that kills zoosporic fungal disease on contact, provides a sustainable solution to this disease challenge.

The active ingredient, Rhamnolipids, have strong biosurfactant properties. These biosurfactant properties function as an effective biofungicide against zoosporic fungal diseases such as, Phytophthora, Downy Mildew and Pythium.

Zonix Biofungicide™ has been approved for use on Non-agricultural crops and turf in both field and Greenhouses.

About Turf

Zonix Biofungicide™ provides agriculture, horticulture and turf industries a sustainable solution to those interested in growing productive healthy plants. Our Company is committed to research that provides a better understanding of how microorganisms function in the phytobiome and the benefits they provide to plants. We feel that understanding these interactions will provide better ways to encourage natural productivity and harvest the potential of the rhizosphere. Finding ways to awaken the Rhizosphere is our goal.